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mogy64's News

Posted by mogy64 - February 28th, 2022

the ocassional reminder that i got a patreon that u should join, we got a discord server going on, advice, timelapses, exclusive comics and drawings, (not just porn lol) looks into my sketchbooks and traditional work and a lot more, so ur missing out big time for not being there

tomorrow ill be taking suggestions for the upcoming monthly polls, your own ocs are able to be suggested this time! so make sure u dont miss out and join today!





Posted by mogy64 - July 21st, 2021


Posted by mogy64 - May 3rd, 2021


long story short i really wanna make more comics and original work, but commissions get a lot in the way, so i decided to finally open up a patreon to have some more time for my own projects!

ill be offering psds, timelapses, polls, raffles and nsfw stuff! something that many of u have been wanting for a long time lol

thank u for reading this little update! and endless thanks if u decide to support me!



Posted by mogy64 - January 19th, 2021


March commission batch terms:

Work will not start until the 3 commissions left on Trello are finished, please refuse from sending a request if you are not willing to wait. Said workload is aimed to take at most 2 weeks to finish, thanks for understanding.

Single character pinup: $200 USD


Private: +$100USD

Commercial use: Double of the total commission fee

Commission form can be found here


  • It can take a few days to get a reply to your request, not getting a response right away does not mean getting rejected!
  • NO REFUNDS. PayPal Mexico doesn't support PayPal credit, meaning that refunds have to be accepted and processed by my bank account, this can lead to many inconveniences due to declined transactions or issues with currency conversions. Refunds aren't as easy to for me to go through, and avoiding them saves both parties the potential headache that they might cause, so please only commission if you can afford it without running the risk of being low in funds.

Your financial well being is more important than a picture.

  • Prices can increase due to complexity, but won't be lowered.
  • Payments must be upfront before any work is done, only through PayPal.
  • Payment plans are allowed if it's easier or more manageable for you, however work will not start until the request is fully paid.
  • Please avoid asking for updates, if I don't give you any it is due to there being none yet. You can always check the status of your commission alongside others in my Trello list!
  • It might take over a month to complete, please be patient.
  • Your commissioned piece will be shared on Patreon alongside any other assets (PSD, timelapse) unless it is a commercial piece.
  • NSFW work is now available, costing an extra fee of $75. Do keep in mind that I'm mainly comfortable with tame stuff and nudity, so please respect and be aware that I might have to decline your request if it's a bit outside my personal line.
  • Private commissions will be charged an additional fee of $100. They won't be shared on social media, however they will be posted on Patreon.
  • You'll only be shown a rough sketch, once it's approved I'll go onto finishing it, there will be no feedback during the process. If you want to be involved in every step of the way you will be charged an additional fee of $50 (starting price, might increase depending on the complexity of the piece). However, minor corrections are allowed on the finished piece without extra costs, within reason.


You'll get 30% off if your request includes any of my characters lol, but I may decline

If there's any questions needed feel free to shoot a message about it!

Thanks for reading!



Posted by mogy64 - January 1st, 2021

I'm not very good at writing at all but I felt like typing out my thoughts on what happened throughout the year.

2020 was for better or for worse probably the most eventful in my short short life, on the first 3 days had my visa petition denied and just a few days later someone from my family had passed away , shouldve really taken that as a sign of all the shit that'd end up coming up later.

Loss in general was a pretty common thing, either just more deaths in the family (as someone who really hasn't had a lot of experience with death those were pretty big hits) or loss of friends due to just losing contact with one another or due to xyz circumstances, it sucks but what can you really do about it, you live and you learn.

On the bright side all the deaths made me a bit paranoid and pushed me to make the potentially reckless choice of dropping out of college, I was just 1 year away from graduating but it made me feel miserable, whenever I have strong feelings towards something I feel like vomiting (even if it's a good feeling like excitement lol), going to school made me feel so miserable I felt like puking everyday I had to go or to attend the online calls. I felt like it was also just in the way of my journey as a freelance, like most schools it's a complete joke, I'd just go sit down and work on commissions during classes because I just didn't have to put the effort to get good grades.

I kept thinking to myself "man it'd suck to die before i graduate and not have been able to do all the stuff I wanted to just because of school". If everything backfires school will always there with open arms to take my money anyways, but freelance opportunities are fleeting and I'd rather take the risk, I wanna pursue the things that make me happy

Covid wasn't really a negative for me, I had already done a sort of self imposed year of just self isolation so it didn't affect me as much as others did. I wish it still wasn't a thing regardless, one of the passings was from my direct family, so having to be stuck indoors made trying to distract my mind from it tougher than just going out and getting lost walking around. It was sort of a blessing and a curse, because quarantine gave me no other real choice than to just do work to keep my mind off of whatever was going on with life

And to say something positive for once I guess it was a very productive year, I don't know if I improved my skills a lot, but I think I can safely say I'm way more confident in my work, either just being able to say that yeah I did a good job or just feeling confident that I can tackle whatever people wanna throw my way.

Whenever I try to think of what good stuff happened this year I always just think "lol i made a comic and got some cool stupid expensive chinese toys i wanted", which is kinda shallow maybe but it did have an impact. I usually say that I don't like people who just go around saying "oh i wanna make a comic and whatnot", and always felt hypocritical about it since well, I was the same, with plans for doing so but never committing due to time or whatever.

It feels nice to finally be able to say yeah I made something, and the reaction of people surprised me a lot, I know people care about my work since well you guys make it clear through the comments, but whenever I draw my own characters I do so mainly for myself first and foremost, it's a very bizarre but extremely good feeling to still receive messages of people asking when I'm continuing the story or if I plan to make more comics at all even half a year after the short story I wrote was done. It somehow feels like proof that these characters don't just live in my head anymore, people like them and want to see more of em and it makes me extremely happy, drawing that comic and the reception it got is probably the highlight of the year for me.

I think that's all about I have to say for this retrospective, after the comic it was going back to grinding commission work so not a whole lot of interesting things happened afterwards. If you're still reading this I appreciate you taking the time to doing so and I hope it wasn't too much of a ramble lol, I just wanted to vomit out my thoughts so some stuff probably sounds weird or maybe I came off as extremely negative but who cares

Here's hoping the next year is better for everyone, wishing you guys the best and I hope you're able to meet your goals!

Thank you all for the support in here, I don't reply to comments that much because I don't wanna endldessly spam "thank u : )", but I definitely want you guys to know that I read and appreciate all of em, comment notifications are the only thing I have enabled in here, they really make me happy to read through!

as a bonus heres my favorite pieces from each month, would love to hear which drawings of mine stood out to you this year if any!



Posted by mogy64 - March 12th, 2020

I got to be part of a Nintendo themed charity zone for the Amazon rainforests!

The book comes in 2 versions! The book on it's own or a bundle alongside some other physical merch like stickers and charms, sales are almost halfways over for both!

Here's a small preview of my piece, if you're intersted in supporting you can pre order them over here! https://www.etsy.com/shop/lebeaumondeproject


Thanks for reading! Below are some pics of both editions of the book




Posted by mogy64 - October 10th, 2018




Posted by mogy64 - May 6th, 2018

Happy Pico Day eveyrone! For this post I wont be going very in depth about the process of the last drawing, instead I just want to tell a dumb story relating to Pico Day from like, around 2010-2011 haha (probably 2011, since by that point I had already an account here)

Waaay back then I was super into all things Newgrounds and in general was a huge source of creative inspiration, (all the characters in my Pico Day drawing were and still are some of my favorites) special mention to Madness, which was my main fuel for getting me into animation and actually making me finish one, it was posted over here but it's long delisted, (maybe I'll make it public every Pico Day as celebration lol) although you can still see traces of it on the very first drawing I posted over here!

But getting back on topic, on my art class from middle school we had to make some sort of clay figure out of whichever character we wanted, Pico Day was close by so I chose to make Pico in order to also post it over here for the ocassion. Even tho I did do it, I never posted it, I was too shy about it haha. The clay figure still exists tho! Here it is, without arms, they were lost sometime along the way...


It's quite big! Standing around 8 inches tall. I could swear at least one of his arms was still around, but I couldn't find it, which is too bad, but I'm glad everything else is still around so I could finally share this.

And that's all for this silly story! Every since back then I wanted to make something for Pico Day, but either was too shy or wanted to post only the highest quality stuff I could, everything I saw here was amazing so I wanted to be somewhat close to achieving the level of quality people were putting off. I'm very glad to both finally have done something for this day and getting some closure on this dumb clay thing lol

Thank you Newgrounds for everything! Here's to many more years!


Posted by mogy64 - April 29th, 2018

For this drawing I went to a pretty different thought process, I had asked for feedback/critique on my stuff, and a few people mentioned that colors on certain pieces would make everything blend together, taking that into consideration I decided to approach colors differently. First of all, here are the initial sketches!


(NG Dump link in case you wanted to see them in higher res)

I wanted an interesting way of introducing these characters and a general idea of what their purpose is, I like the first one of them just interacting with each other, sketches 2 to 4 are just the same idea but with different angles, I still quite like 2 and 4! The 5th one is the one that stuck out the most to me, felt like there was more going to it rather than them just marching around. And with that set, the cleaner sketches came around.


(Higher res)

Usually this'd be the phase where I start planning colors out, but I decided against it this time, because I knew I'd end up going the usual way of picking colors and shading with just a Multiply layer, which is something I've been trying to do less off and go back to picking my own palettes. Multiply is super helpful for making stuff fast, but in the long run it can be a bit harmful imo, it sure gave me trouble to not use it haha.

I started adding colors to the linework, but that only turned out to be troublesome due to it being much more detailed than the rougher sketches, so I decided to go back to the original sketch and set a palette there with a limited number of colors, since coloring it would give out a much easier and general idea of what i want, due to the simpler nature of it and also the smaller size. 


(Higher res)

The sketch shows a palette of only 5 colors, but when transfering them to the finished linework i ended up needing more tones, so the number increased up to 12! Everything after that was pretty smooth sailing.

And that's about it for this piece! I skipped making a process post over the last one because of how straightforward it was. 

Over on Instagram and Twitter I decided to make a daily drawings kind of thing! Due to school I ended up picking up some traditional tools to work with, so as a way of getting better with it I've been drawing Kemono Friends characters once a day, I really like some of the designs lol. So far there's been 5, aiming to do 30!


Here's a peek of the inks for the ones I'm doing today and tomorrow!


I'm not too big on posting traditional stuff over here, since I like only having the stuff I feel is the most polished in this gallery, but if you'd like to see them over here as well let me know and I might start posting the better ones over here too!

If you're interested in seeing more about this I post them everyday on Twitter and Instagram, with the latter showing off some work in progress pics of them too. 

Thanks for reading!





Posted by mogy64 - April 7th, 2018

This last drawing has quite a lot behind it haha, it started out originally as a Valentine's day pic, and as you can tell I totally missed the deadline! The general idea was there since the first sketch, so I decided to polish it off:


However, I wasn't really feeling that sketch for some reason, so I decided to give it another shot, same idea but drawn in a different angle. I still quite like this one! But something about the original kept grabbing me back, so I decided to not continue with this one. The angle it had was fun, so I'd like to tackle something similar in the future sometime!


I went back to the original and cleaned it up once again to start lining and coloring, which was a huge mistake on my part retrospectively. By wanting to make it cleaner looking, I feel like a lot of the energy of the original was lost, like with Ram's (the guy) expression, it looked off to me. Even though I ended up practically finishing it, I decided to scrap it, I just really didn't like the outcome at all, I still liked the idea and composition, but something wasn't right about it. After asking for feedback I realized huge things that I never noticed, such as the less contrasting shadows and it looking "flatter" (mostly due to the floor).


With all that into consideration, I decided to give it one last shot, instead of polishing it off endlessly, I decided to take a looser approach to it and embrace some of that roughness in little things, such as the windows that have some sort of crooked look in comparison to the previous version.  In the end I liked this second go at it, and here we are! Much closer to the original look that I wanted. 


The only thing I'd change now that I'm looking back on it are Krea's dress colors, the white accents looked nice haha. For some reason I never noticed until now that the previos version had a different pallette on her.

And thats all for this post! Which version do you prefer, the new or old one? If you have any questions or wanna suggest which of past works you'd like to know the process of let me know!

Thanks for reading!