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Commissions CLOSED!

Posted by mogy64 - January 19th, 2021



  • It can take a few days to get a reply to your request, not getting a response right away does not mean getting rejected!
  • NO REFUNDS. PayPal Mexico doesn't support PayPal credit, meaning that refunds have to be accepted and processed by my bank account, this can lead to many inconveniences due to declined transactions or issues with currency conversions. Refunds aren't as easy to for me to go through, and avoiding them saves both parties the potential headache that they might cause, so please only commission if you can afford it without running the risk of being low in funds.

Your financial well being is more important than a picture.

  • Prices can increase due to complexity, but won't be lowered.
  • Payments must be upfront before any work is done, only through PayPal.
  • Payment plans are allowed if it's easier or more manageable for you, however work will not start until the request is fully paid.
  • Please avoid asking for updates, if I don't give you any it is due to there being none yet. You can always check the status of your commission alongside others in my Trello list!
  • It might take over a month to complete, please be patient.
  • Your commissioned piece will be shared on Patreon alongside any other assets (PSD, timelapse) unless it is a commercial piece.
  • NSFW work is now available, costing an extra fee of $50. Do keep in mind that I'm mainly comfortable with tame stuff and nudity, so please respect and be aware that I might have to decline your request if it's a bit outside my personal line.
  • Private commissions will be charged an additional fee of $50. They won't be shared on social media, however they will be posted on Patreon.
  • You'll only be shown a rough sketch, once it's approved I'll go onto finishing it, there will be no feedback during the process. If you want to be involved in every step of the way you will be charged an additional fee of $50 (starting price, might increase depending on the complexity of the piece). However, minor corrections are allowed on the finished piece without extra costs, within reason.


You'll get 30% off if your request includes any of my characters lol, but I may decline

If there's any questions needed feel free to shoot a message about it!

Thanks for reading!




Happy new year! I'm sure you're hip deep in commission work, but was wondering if you'll continue your webtoon series, something of a second act to 'double dealings'?

You have my very best wishes, hope you're happy and well!

Happy new years man! Definitely busy which is nothing to complain about haha, but yeah continuing a story with those characters is definitely on the plans! Other comic is in the works in the meantime separate to that, but after that is wrapped up I intend on going back to the double dealings cast

Hope you're doing good as well! Nice to hear from you again : )

Sweet, gonna have to bookmark this. I like your artwork.

You have my attention.

my commissions are closed at the moment <:)

no sabía que esos podían ser los precios, ya con 5 obras te compras la play5

Seeing my icon in here is very surreal, haha ^-^