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Taifau Cafe Contest Winners

Posted by mogy64 - November 3rd, 2023


I'm sorry for the wait, I wanted to announce the winners with a small comic but that takes time... so a news post it is!

First of all thank you everyone who joined!! I was surprised at the amount of entries.... it was very tough to choose just 3 winners! The worst part about hosting contests is that I can't give prizes to everyone as much as I would love to...

Without much delay, here are the winners!

First place: 

I fell in love the moment I saw this one! The scenario is a lot of fun, I liked seeing the contrast between how happy everyone is in this in comparison to some of the events of the comic, while very different, everyone feels super in character! Ram in particular made me laugh. The colors are so nice, too!

Second place:

I have a soft spot for traditional pieces... I was so surprised to see a watercolor entry! The composition is so cool, alongside the stylish take on the characters! It feels strangely nostalgic.... I cant pinpoint what is it about it that makes me feel that way... But I love it a lot regardless!

Third place:

I was also very surprised to see 3D works in this! Unintentionally but I'm glad the winners ended up being a showcase of different mediums... This one was a lot of fun too! The little animation is very hypnotic, I keep looking at it over and over thinking maaybe I missed a pose... Its stylized in such a cute way, too! I always wondered how Krea's weird ears/hair would translate in 3D, and the answer is here!

Congrats to @bergoq, @slimygoo and @tomdoy!!

I want to also shot out to the runner ups, these and the ones above had me very troubled on which to pick!! They are in no particular order:

Once again I want to thank everyone for joining! And once again I apologize for not being able to give back someone to everyone, I seriously wish I could!! I even feel bad I can't list everyone as a runner up.... There isn't a single entry that I didn't love! From character choices to compositions, I was so surprised at the variety of what everyone did!

I will be leaving comments for you all! I wanted to wait until this was all over so everyone would be blind as to what the outcome would be, if that makes sense..

Please check out the rest! I made a playlist for it:

Thank you again everyone!!



Is this your first time running an art contest, or have you done something like this before? I’m genuinely curious to ask how the contest went for you as the organizer.

It's my second time! Although the first one was hosted in my Discord Server, so it was relatively smaller. This one was definitely a bit more to handle, since I needed to be in contact with XPPen to set dates and specifics, as well as going back and forth with Tom in regards to promoting it with the banner and stuff!

@mogy64 Woah, that’s quite a lot of work! Did you buy the prizes or did XPPen gave them to you as a sponsor?


@mogy64 Now that’s something! Congratulations on pulling off such a great event!

I'm glad to be a part of the contest even though I wasn't a runner up, thanks so much for starting this contest!

Conratz to the winners!! Everyone made some really cool pieces, I bet it was hard to decide on just 3 (ᵔᴥᵔ) Also, I had allot of fun being a part of this contest !!

Thank you

Congrats to the winners !! and everyone who joined draw so cool . And thankyou for including mine in the runner up, your character was very fun to draw, might do another drawing of them someday.