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Total Medals Earned: 1,002 (From 134 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 14,425 Points

Wasted Youth, Part 1

Medals Earned: 5/24 (30/500 points)

A Little on the Side 5 Points

Complete a side-mission

Education, Education, Education 5 Points

Go to a lesson

Hello, Hammy 5 Points

Say Hello to Hammy the Hamster

Lazy Bones 5 Points

Take a nap in the day

Completionist (1) 10 Points

Complete 3 of the Main Missions

Antiquist 5 Points

Inspect Stouffer's painting

Bustin' For a Crap! 5 Points

Take a shit

Flower Fun 5 Points

Water your plant

Lock Picker 5 Points

Pick a lock successfully

Tele Addict 5 Points

Watch TV

Too Much Fud 5 Points

Be sick

Piggy Love (1) 10 Points

Collect 10 Piggymon Cards

Stylish Prat 10 Points

Wear a different costume

Super Drinker 10 Points

Drink all 3 types of drink

Super Eater 10 Points

Eat all 4 types of meal

Book Worm 25 Points

Read every book

Completionist (2) 25 Points

Complete 7 of the Main Missions

Facebook Stalker 25 Points

Read all pupil profiles

Piggy Love (2) 25 Points

Collect 25 Piggymon cards

Completionist (3) 50 Points

Complete the game

NERD! 50 Points

Attend every lesson

Piggy Love (3) 50 Points

Collect all 50 Piggymon cards

Socialism 50 Points

Talk to everybody

Well and Truly Done 100 Points

100% completion

Zombie Crypt 3

Medals Earned: 4/26 (20/420 points)

First steps 5 Points

Clear the first stage

Kabooom! 5 Points

Kill a zombie with a bomb

Shish kebab 5 Points

Kill a zombie with a spike trap

Sliced and diced 5 Points

Kill a zombie with a saw

Death from above 5 Points

Kill a zombie by making a Fatboy explode next to him

Hit and run 5 Points

Kill a zombie by making a runner crash into him

Sneak attack 5 Points

Kill a zombie by throwing a bomb through a transporter

Surprise asshole! 5 Points

Kill a zombie by crushing him

Too much McDonalds 5 Points

Kill a fatboy

Up up and away 5 Points

Kill a zombie by shooting him into a trap

A horrible way to die 10 Points

Kill a zombie with Puke

An eye for an eye 10 Points

Make a Runner crash into a Fatboy

Chain reaction 10 Points

Make a runner crash into a Fatboy in mid-air

Jumper 10 Points

Launch a Zombie through a transporter

Stealth bomber 10 Points

Drop a Fatboy in a transporter

Synchronised Running 10 Points

Finish Stage 10 in 9 seconds or less

Waiting for the elevator 10 Points

Crush a zombie underneath a moving platform

Double Kill! 25 Points

Make a charger kill at least 2 zombies

Down but not out 25 Points

Stop a runner by stunning him

Killing Spree! 25 Points

Make at least 4 kills with a single runner

Sleep with the fishes 25 Points

Kill at least 2 zombies by lowering the water level

Synchronised Running II 25 Points

Finish stage 19 in 16 seconds or less

WTF just happened? 25 Points

Shoot a zombie through 2 different transporters without touching the floor

Clear World 1 50 Points

Clear all 9 stages from the Jungle

Clear World 2 50 Points

Clear all 9 stages from Desert

Clear World 3 50 Points

Clear all 9 stages from the Volcano

Zombie Resurrection

Medals Earned: 3/4 (25/50 points)

Dead Giveaway 5 Points

Completed the first level

Halfway There 10 Points

Complete 10 levels

High Five 10 Points

Complete 5 levels

Zombie Resurrector 25 Points

Complete all levels


Medals Earned: 2/7 (30/330 points)

First Flight 5 Points

Beat Room 5

Dead End 25 Points

Get the bad ending

Expertly Done 1 25 Points

Complete Expert Room 1

Expertly Done 2 25 Points

Complete Expert Room 2

Living End 50 Points

Get the good ending

Time Trophy 100 Points

Beat Time Trial Run in under 4 minutes

Wit of Citrus 100 Points

Obtain all 19 grapefruits