Entry #1


2017-01-20 20:03:57 by mogy64

first of all thanks for the 100 follows!! i really appreciate it!

i had asked some questions in other places a while ago and always forgot to do it here, so here they are:

1 what do you like about my drawings?
2 what would you like to see me draw/draw more of? 



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2017-01-28 23:34:51

the way you handle line weights, your color choices and the various techniques you use to shade
I also enjoy simple and stylized art

not to mention, legs

mogy64 responds:

ive been pushin line weight a lot lately so im happy to hear that!
also haha! i wasnt expecting that about the legs, usually theyre the hardest to draw for me! ill try to make them even better : p


2017-03-24 11:43:18

definitely the eyes, i been trying to learn to draw and i'm obsessed with different types of eyes right now, and noelle kinda gave me a steampunk feeling so do more steampunk!
also sorry for bad englends if it's the case.

mogy64 responds:

eyes huh? thats interesting! theyre super simple most of the time, so i try to give them a little different look to each so that it doesnt become boring to look at haha
yeah the character is steampunk related! but she belongs to a friend. while im not sure if ill do steampunk stuff, you can expect silly looking machines lol
your english is fine, thanks for commenting!


2017-04-05 04:41:03

1. I like your art's shading and coloring technique- it's simple, cute, cartoony and oddly really unique to me- I can't really describe it I just really Like what you can do <3
2. W...well- i'm not sure- i like art no matter what it is but I suppose i'd love to see more stylings like Penguin hat- the line less design is really pleasing to see- but I would just like to see you draw more characters- and maybe some extra detail like scenery would help :D


2017-04-24 02:51:27

draw axl

mogy64 responds:

probably someday! i really like his design