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Pico Day stuff

Posted by mogy64 - May 6th, 2018

Happy Pico Day eveyrone! For this post I wont be going very in depth about the process of the last drawing, instead I just want to tell a dumb story relating to Pico Day from like, around 2010-2011 haha (probably 2011, since by that point I had already an account here)

Waaay back then I was super into all things Newgrounds and in general was a huge source of creative inspiration, (all the characters in my Pico Day drawing were and still are some of my favorites) special mention to Madness, which was my main fuel for getting me into animation and actually making me finish one, it was posted over here but it's long delisted, (maybe I'll make it public every Pico Day as celebration lol) although you can still see traces of it on the very first drawing I posted over here!

But getting back on topic, on my art class from middle school we had to make some sort of clay figure out of whichever character we wanted, Pico Day was close by so I chose to make Pico in order to also post it over here for the ocassion. Even tho I did do it, I never posted it, I was too shy about it haha. The clay figure still exists tho! Here it is, without arms, they were lost sometime along the way...


It's quite big! Standing around 8 inches tall. I could swear at least one of his arms was still around, but I couldn't find it, which is too bad, but I'm glad everything else is still around so I could finally share this.

And that's all for this silly story! Every since back then I wanted to make something for Pico Day, but either was too shy or wanted to post only the highest quality stuff I could, everything I saw here was amazing so I wanted to be somewhat close to achieving the level of quality people were putting off. I'm very glad to both finally have done something for this day and getting some closure on this dumb clay thing lol

Thank you Newgrounds for everything! Here's to many more years!



That's a mighty big boy!
Man that's a really cool story, and a very cute model I might add! It's cool that it was such a huge thing to you and that you even chose it as a topic in your class project! Glad you posted it also, did any of your classmates recognize it?

I'm glad I never threw it away, it still has its charm lol. Noone aside a couple of close friends who were also into Newgrounds recognized it that I can recall at least

So glad you shared this! Love your art entry this year too.

Makes me happy to hear that! Thanks for keeping Newgrounds going Tom!!