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heading off process + daily drawings

Posted by mogy64 - April 29th, 2018

For this drawing I went to a pretty different thought process, I had asked for feedback/critique on my stuff, and a few people mentioned that colors on certain pieces would make everything blend together, taking that into consideration I decided to approach colors differently. First of all, here are the initial sketches!


(NG Dump link in case you wanted to see them in higher res)

I wanted an interesting way of introducing these characters and a general idea of what their purpose is, I like the first one of them just interacting with each other, sketches 2 to 4 are just the same idea but with different angles, I still quite like 2 and 4! The 5th one is the one that stuck out the most to me, felt like there was more going to it rather than them just marching around. And with that set, the cleaner sketches came around.


(Higher res)

Usually this'd be the phase where I start planning colors out, but I decided against it this time, because I knew I'd end up going the usual way of picking colors and shading with just a Multiply layer, which is something I've been trying to do less off and go back to picking my own palettes. Multiply is super helpful for making stuff fast, but in the long run it can be a bit harmful imo, it sure gave me trouble to not use it haha.

I started adding colors to the linework, but that only turned out to be troublesome due to it being much more detailed than the rougher sketches, so I decided to go back to the original sketch and set a palette there with a limited number of colors, since coloring it would give out a much easier and general idea of what i want, due to the simpler nature of it and also the smaller size. 


(Higher res)

The sketch shows a palette of only 5 colors, but when transfering them to the finished linework i ended up needing more tones, so the number increased up to 12! Everything after that was pretty smooth sailing.

And that's about it for this piece! I skipped making a process post over the last one because of how straightforward it was. 

Over on Instagram and Twitter I decided to make a daily drawings kind of thing! Due to school I ended up picking up some traditional tools to work with, so as a way of getting better with it I've been drawing Kemono Friends characters once a day, I really like some of the designs lol. So far there's been 5, aiming to do 30!


Here's a peek of the inks for the ones I'm doing today and tomorrow!


I'm not too big on posting traditional stuff over here, since I like only having the stuff I feel is the most polished in this gallery, but if you'd like to see them over here as well let me know and I might start posting the better ones over here too!

If you're interested in seeing more about this I post them everyday on Twitter and Instagram, with the latter showing off some work in progress pics of them too. 

Thanks for reading!






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