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swimsuit process

Posted by mogy64 - March 11th, 2018

I wasn't gonna tackle commissions for the process posts but this one ended up being more of a personal work haha, you can check out the finished piece here!


At first it was challenging to get an idea down since honestly I never expected to draw her in a swimsuit, so there's some doodles trying to figure out what kind of outfit she'd wear. There's some doodles where she has an umbrella instead of the hat since I wanted to put her in a beach like setting, but I ended up not really wanting to go that route. 


So out of those doodles I chose the 3 that had the most potential. The first one I didn't even bother to color since it seemed too boring to me haha. The second one was a big improvement and was what gave me the idea of putting the little robot playing around with the skirt thing (I don't know how those are called lol), but I hadn't planned any kind of place to put them in. Not wanting to use a beach place or just leave a flat color for the background, I went with some kind of hot spring like thing.

After that there's not much to say, usually I'd redo the sketch much bigger and cleaner in order to get a clearer idea and start inking, however this time I went straight up to doing the linework. Doing that wasn't much issue, just added things like the plants and made the stone structures clearer. The problem however were the colors, the colors had pretty bad values, everything blended together if it wasn't for the lines, so I made them brighter, especially the plants


After picking better colors there's not that much to say haha. Kept cleaning up the artwork, made adjustments here and there until it was done!

So that's all for my first attempt at doing these progress posts. If you'd like to see me talk about more specific things in regards to the process or things that I should do to make them better let me know! Also if you're curious about how a specific drawing was made feel free to tell me and I'll try to make a post about it!

Thanks for reading!


Turned into a great and interesting piece! Wish I wasn't so lazy as to make a Picarto account, usually use Twitch. Next time I have a question about one of your works, I'll leave a short review and ask.

thank you! you dont need to make an account to talk in picarto, but yeah i feel you, having so many accounts everywhere can be overwhelming haha
id be more than glad to hear what you have to say!