Process posts idea

2018-02-24 17:28:41 by mogy64

Something I really enjoy seeing is the process behind some artist's works, whether it be just sharing work in progress screenshots or also including the whole tought process that went into a piece, so I thought it'd be a good idea to give that a try in the form of news posts.
I tried doing something similar to that while bumping posts over on tumblr, however the site made it a mess to do. I feel like making a news post focusing on a drawing with the thought process and WIPs and even scrapped ideas would make things easier to go through and could be an interesting read for someone. The focus will mostly be centered around bigger pictures, with backgrounds and such since there's more to those rather than just characters doing a pose. It could also be used as something to post whenever I'm busy and not able to post new works haha.

Would anyone be interested in seeing something like that? Let me know!


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2018-02-24 18:00:32

Do a gif with the process, it has a cool time lapse look and you don't have to clutter anything with multiple images.

mogy64 responds:

thats a good idea! for some reason it just didnt cross my mind haha


2018-02-24 18:10:50

I would like to know the process behind your art, and I think maybe a "step-by-step" formatted collection of it would work.

mogy64 responds:

yeah a step by step is kinda what i want to do with this, perhaps not every single step but around 5 or so in a general way