2017-07-16 19:34:52 by mogy64


im open for commissions! 
all prices are negotiable, you can contact me through direct messages as well! 
for more info you can check the commissions page 

if you have any questions feel free to reach out!

thanks for reading!


2017-01-20 20:03:57 by mogy64

first of all thanks for the 100 follows!! i really appreciate it!

i had asked some questions in other places a while ago and always forgot to do it here, so here they are:

1 what do you like about my drawings?
2 what would you like to see me draw/draw more of? 



2016-11-06 15:03:31 by mogy64

I´m opening commissions!
Contact preferably trough but sending messages is also fine!
Payment only on PayPal
Some more info over here

Those are the base prices and can change depending on complexity, number of characters, etc. 
The only thing I won´t draw is NSFW, anything else will most likely be okay to do.
If you have any questions feel free to reply or send a message!

Thanks for reading!